Write From The Pain

It’s hard to write.
It’s even harder to write something honest, true and from the heart. Why? Are we afraid of exposing ourselves emotionally to others? Hell ya!!
But here’s the rub.
Every human on earth, is driven by emotion. We all have the same emotions and have been through similar emotional experiences. We’ve all felt the warm, euphoric oceans of a first love wash over us, and we’ve all wanted to drown in the icy depths when we lost that love or when the love was unrequited. Most of us have experienced the death of a loved one or experienced the fear of losing someone we love. We’ve all felt pain, we can all relate. And isn’t this half the battle of writing, getting your audience to relate to your characters/story?
Write from the pain. Use your past/current pain to make your characters emotional experiences unique, truthful and your audience will be able to relate.

Write from the pain.

P.S.  There’s more to this and we’ll get deeper into it later, just something to think about right now.

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