Daily Script Tips

When I started screenwriting back in the early years of 2000, I found a website run by a professional, working screenwriter, William C. Martell, called Script Secrets. (check out the site here: www.scriptsecrets.net)  Mr. Martell has written 19 produced screenplays: 3 for HBO, 2 for Showtime, 2 for USA Net. He’s also the West Coast Editor of Script Magazine (the largest circulation screenwriting magazine in the world)

I’m just going to say it,  his site is awesome! It helped me become a better writer via the daily script tips. What are script tips?  I’ll let Mr. Martell explain… (copied from the scriptsecrets faq) “The purpose of the tips is to share techniques that I have used or that I see used in other movies, and point out things that do not seem to work, and common flaws in screenplays and films (and usually what to do to avoid them). I try to give multiple examples if possible (though, some tips do focus on only one film) so that you can see the tool in action.”  The tips aren’t one or two sentences either, tips range from a couple of paragraphs to a page packed full of info: examples and techniques to help you become a better writer.

Check it out for yourself  – www.scriptsecrets.net

And check out Mr. Martell’s blog Sex In A Submarine!


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