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I was just like you when I was young, I dreamed of being a doctor or astronaut or famous actor. And I had a hyper active imagination fed by a constant staple of all things Star Wars, comic books, and video games.  In high school my English teacher suggested I start writing to channel my creativity, but writing was furthest from my mind. I wanted to be an actor!  I took drama, thought I’d be an actor when I got out of school. Went to an “acting” college, even read Stanislavsky. Did some bit parts in TV, some extra work in movies and a ton of theatre, but it wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it would be.  Since I loved reading scripts I figured I’d try writing one. EPIC FAILURE!  But it was satisfying. So I wrote another, then another… and then I found an online screenwriting course that changed everything. Screenwriting U. Cheek it out here.

I’ve been a screenwriter for a while now, written numerous scripts for numerous producers all over the world, not sure if some of those scripts will ever see the light of day, but I did my job – write the script based on their idea or fix the script they had. I’ve worked as a staff writer for an animated TV series, created my own dramatic TV series which I’m working on developing and finding a home for and I’ve helped many, many, many writers with their own scripts.

I’ve learned a lot along the way. Most of it the hardest way possible, but I’ve learned a lot.

And now I’m going to share it here, in the pages of this blog.

It’s my hope that you find this blog helpful and informative, and if nothing else, entertaining.



Here’s some of my work


Ed Edd n Eddy

“A Fistfull of Ed”

Truth or Ed


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